Top 5 Benefits of EFL Language Immersion Summer in the UK


Date of Publication: 27 November 2018

English is an incredibly difficult language to learn. Between the complicated spellings and the seemingly impossible grammar rules, English is complicated as a secondary language. It is especially difficult to learn English from a distance, as the subject of a course. The most effective way to learn English is to be completely immersed in it.

Here are the top 5 benefits of taking part in our EFL language immersion summer in the UK:

Oxford Summer Courses, summer courses in England

1. You will have no choice but to practice your English.

From the time you arrive at the airport to the time you leave 2-4 weeks later, you will be completely immersed in the English language. In Oxford and Cambridge, all signs, maps, and newspapers will be in English. You will navigate your temporary hometown in English, order at restaurants in English, and more. Being surrounded by the English language is extremely beneficial to those who are not native speakers. When you have no choice but to practice your English, your confidence in speaking will improve.

2. You will speak with locals and other students practicing English.

You will develop long-lasting friendships with native English speakers through the EFL programme. Also, as a student of EFL, you will be in a classroom with up to 7 other students studying the same topic. With English as your common language, you will practice your English in a social setting, which can be invaluable to English comprehension. In addition, you will speak with locals in Oxford as you navigate the city, visit the shops, and dine at restaurants.

3. You will learn over the course of 24 classes per week, spent with an expert English tutor

Our tutors are experts in their field, and are able to work with students on an individualised basis due to small class sizes. Because you will be in a class with a maximum of 8 students, you will receive individualised attention based on your needs. Over the intensive course with 24 classes per week, you will master concepts in English grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and idioms. These classes, coupled with the experience you will gain while living in an English-speaking country, will enhance your English language skills. You will leave at the end of the course with a greater mastery of English language concepts and greater confidence when speaking and writing English.

4. You will become immersed in a new culture.

While living in Oxford or Cambridge, you will learn more about English culture and gain a greater understanding of England traditions. Somewhere between asking locals for directions, ordering at a restaurant, and navigating through your new city, you will realise that you are gaining confidence in your English. Being immersed in the language and surrounding yourself with the people of England will give you a better understanding of the language than that which your peers have. During a language immersion summer in the UK with Oxford Summer Courses, you will also take part in a traditional English debate with your classmates. Debating is a classic part of Oxford and Cambridge culture. It will grant you the ability to speak on a topic in English and practice your news skills in a real context.

5. You will learn more!

Studies have shown that you will learn more in language studies through discussion as compared to memorisation. Through discussion, you will be speaking English more confidently through practical application. While it is important to learn the lessons of the English language in the classroom, it is just as important to practice them outside of the classroom. Through a language immersion summer in the UK, you will practice your English every day with teachers, locals, and new friends.

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