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A Student's Reflection on Her Time at Wycombe Abbey

Hi, my name is Abigail Roman, and this is how my Oxford Summer Courses experience went.

Coming from New York was rough. I had already known that the customs over in England were very different. I had also been restrained with meeting new people since I wasn’t sure about how they would react to meeting me. I’m 12 and I’m constantly changing (as we all are), I didn’t know how they would react to my emotions, from bursts of crazy excitement to times of blankness. But in the end, all my doubts had been proved wrong.

Since day one, being open to new people was still difficult because I didn’t want to reveal too much too soon. I didn’t want to come off too strong. I had been jet-lagged, but immediately as soon as I took steps through the gates, I was in awe. The smell of fresh cut grass reminds you of who might’ve walked on the ground. The taste of cool air on the tip of your tongue refreshes you. The sound of daily rush outside of the gates is silenced as soon as you step on campus grounds, blocked by the rustle of trees in the wind. The architecture is old yet intriguing. The buildings’ fine angles and lines make me reflect on why I can’t deliver the same quality in my writing. it is truly a sight to see. The feeling of rough gravel under the soles of your feet remind you of your purpose here at camp. Everything that makes Oxford unique.


Everyday didn’t disappoint. You woke up daily to the amazing staff, who make your experience worthwhile. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner the kind women and men take time out of their life to serve you delicious food. Classes are so much fun. It’s nothing like what I’d thought of classes coming into camp. I had thought the work would be prestigious and hard, but I had been proved wrong yet again. I chose Story Explorers and it did not fail to satisfy my craving to improve my writing or enjoy myself. The fact that everyone is from a different background gives you different perspectives on work.


It is a shame that I’m nearing my last days of camp. At this point, Wycombe Abbey has become my home a long way from home. the staff and peers have become family. Though I am leaving, nothing will cause me to forget how Oxford Summer Courses has helped me in academics and in life.


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One of our alumni students Abigail, reflects on her time with Oxford Summer Courses on one of our junior summer schools at Wycombe Abbey.

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