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Spring Courses at Oxford Summer Courses

When are the courses? In 2019 we launched our spring courses here in Oxford. Read below to learn more about these one-week programmes and what you can expect when you study with us.

What ages are the courses for?

Our spring courses are divided into two age groups, one for 16-17 year-olds, and one for 18-24 years. 

What courses do you offer? 

There are five courses available for our spring courses, including:

Future MBA 

Developed to challenge and encourage you towards further study or setting up your own company, our Future MBA courses explore the following topics: Social Innovation, Leadership and Careers with Impact and Sustainability - for a bigger picture view on the business landscape, today and tomorrow.   

Media & Marketing

What makes an epic blockbuster? Why does a game go viral? Is it all just fake news? We’ll explore mediums of traditional and modern media, structured around a combination of theory, critical analysis and practice. Develop skills such as critical approach, cultural awareness, and research techniques so you can assess and execute creative work with confidence.   


Our genetics and lifestyle hold the keys to so much. The more we know, the greater chance we have at developing breakthrough cures and treatments. Study Medicine with us this Spring and we’ll get there faster. You’ll learn a broad base of knowledge and skills, covering topics from human disease, to developmental biology, stem cells and regenerative medicine.


We’ll take the case for teaching you everything there is to know about a morally just law system. Study Law with us and you’ll learn about everything from the anatomy of a murder to the crucial role of the jury, how they’re selected and how they come to form an unbiased decision. We might also look at human rights, public morality and explore international law too. From conflicts and controversies to law through the ages, if there’s a set of rules to be adhered to, it’s all in here.

Theatre Studies

Join fellow thespians on our Theatre Studies course and learn how theatre performances relate to their literary, psychobiological, physical, sociological and historical contexts. From scenes to semiotics, we’ll leave no stone unturned on our quest to observe and analyse the methods and meanings of iconic texts and plays.

Where will the courses take place?

In the beautiful city of Oxford, all our spring courses will be run from two of the University of Oxford’s finest colleges.

Colleges are located in Oxford city centre, you’ll have plenty of time outside of the classroom to go out and explore all the hidden gems that Oxford has to offer!

Why should I attend a spring course?

Got a busy summer planned? Or missed out on our summer courses last year? There’s still plenty of opportunity for you to join our spring programme and all in less than a year’s time!

In the middle of the academic year, spring courses are a great way of developing your knowledge around of your chosen subject before those all important exams and university applications. 

If you’re unsure about what to study at university, or need a springboard into finding the right career for you, our spring courses are great tasters for individuals looking to sample a subject.

How can I find out more? 

Interested in learning more about Oxford Summer Courses’ spring program?

Discover more about our Spring courses here, or contact one of our advisors today for more information.

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In 2019 we launched our one-week spring courses here in Oxford. Learn more about what these programmes include and what you can expect if you join us for a spring course.

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