Cambridge C4 Arrivals for 14/7/19

Date of Publication: 15 July 2019

Here is the daily blog roundup for the Cambridge sites, Fitzwilliam, Sidney Sussex, and Hughes Hall.


Sidney Sussex


After a busy day travelling to Cambridge yesterday, Sunday 14 July 2019, students registered, settled into their rooms in Sidney Sussex College and attended a Welcome Talk by the Course Director, Angela Stott. This included a welcome to Sidney Sussex College; introduction to the teaching and cultural opportunities on offer; the Code of Conduct and Course Rules; Health and Safety matters; some English customs; and the friendly, supportive team delivering the pastoral and cultural opportunities for the coming two weeks.




Our course 4 students were welcomed with open arms this morning at Fitzwilliam, to a slightly overcast but still quite warm Cambridge! It was a very exciting atmosphere as the students got to know each other as well as the college (despite the jet lag for many of the students!).


Once everyone was shown and settled into their rooms, we all met for our first meal together in college. It was great to see so many students already starting to get to know one another and form friendships! 


After this, we then attended the welcome talk in which students got an opportunity to ask all of the questions about the course that they’d wanted to ask, as well as learning their responsibilities and expectations for the time ahead of them. The students learned about what it would be like as an Undergraduate at Fitzwilliam, as well as getting more familiar with their peers in a friendly environment, and getting to know the course directors and learning about the course itself. 


We are very excited to see the students become closer friends as the course continues!


Hughes Hall


This was the first day for Course 4 at Hughes Hall! After unpacking and being given a tour of the historic college, the students were given a welcome talk by our Course Director. We then all went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant, and later shared a few drinks at a nearby pub. Conversation was flowing as people got to know each other – with only ten students, the group is very friendly already!


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