5 Ways a Business Summer Course Could Benefit Your Future


Date of Publication: 06 December 2019

Are you considering studying a business summer course? Want to know if it will benefit your future?

Take a look at our five top tips to see how studying a business course this summer could get you ahead of the rest:



  • Prepare for Business School

No matter what age you are, it’s never too early to start preparing for your future. And if you want to go to business school, then participating in a business summer programme will get you a head start when it comes to the knowledge that you will need to know when beginning university. 

At Oxford Summer Courses, we craft our summer courses to give you autonomy and independence over your learning, replicating the university experience. If your dream is to study at the University of Oxford or Cambridge, then you’ll enjoy our teaching method, which follows the same traditional tutorial teaching method as used by Oxbridge universities, designed to equip you with the analytical and critical skills that are necessary for university.



  • Networking 

It’s likely that when you attend a business summer school you’ll be joined by other like-minded students who share the same passions as you. Your short time together is the perfect chance to discuss your passion for the subject, knowledge, and any potential opportunities. 

When you leave the course, our alumni network allows you to stay connected with your classmates, so you can continue to keep in contact and share any new opportunities that may arise.

Students aside, when you join an Oxford Summer Courses business programme, you will be amongst some of the industry’s finest tutors, all who have a wealth of experience about business in the real world. It’s a great chance to find out about your industry in the workplace, as well as connect to people who may be able to help you access future opportunities. 



Aside from being valuable peers in your network, your business tutors will also be an expert in their field. With many of them having studied and taught at the University of Oxford and Cambridge, they are up-to-date with the most cutting-edge research, as well as being connected to some of the greatest thinkers in the world.

They also share years of experience between them, meaning they have a wealth of knowledge to offer you that will get you ahead in the business field, and help you get an academic edge over your peers.



  • Learn about overseas business

If you are participating in an overseas summer course, then it is likely that you will gain exposure to international business operations through industry-related academic sessions and subject-relevant day trips and excursions.

Knowledge of this kind is a much sought after trait for graduate employers and universities. If you choose to participate in an international summer school, then you will be able to demonstrate to potential universities and employers your knowledge of the global industry. 



  • Explore a new city

Aside from your academia, employers and universities like to see what else you enjoy doing in your spare time. To include spending a few weeks away from home, exploring a new city, (and possibly country) on your application, it shows you enjoy tackling new experiences and adventures!


Are you interested in studying a business course with us this summer? Visit our full list of subjects here or contact us today to speak to an advisor about what we can offer you.

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