5 Ways a Computer Science Course Can Help Your Future Career


Date of Publication: 10 February 2020

Are you considering studying a computer science summer course but unsure how it could benefit your future career or even university application? 

Take a look at our top 5 reasons as to how a computer science course could benefit your future.


Career Opportunities

Computer science is one of the most in demand and lucrative industries, with computer science vacancies predicted to grow by 12% 2028 in the US alone. Innovation is at the heart of the subject, with more and more job opportunities becoming available as the possibility for future development expands. Who knows? Your dream job may not even exist yet!


Human Improvement

Are you passionate about helping people and improving the human experience?

Driving innovation across science, engineering, business, entertainment and education, computer science is definitely a subject for those who want to make a positive difference in the world. From conducting vital vaccine research to overcome serious diseases such as AIDS to discovering ways to help monitor and protect the environment, computer science has, and continues to pave the way in making improvements for society. 

By studying a computer science summer course, you’ll learn about previous technological advances, as well as learn about the industry’s current demand, and how you could one day be paving the way for change.


Internationally Diverse Experience

When you participate in an international summer school, it’s likely that you’ll be joined by like-minded students from across the globe. Last year alone, we welcomed students from over 112 different countries to our courses!

A diverse cohort of students will expose you to different cultures and new friendships, and could potentially provide you with a network of international peers that you may find yourself reconnecting with later in life. 


Solve Complex Challenging Problems

Computer science as a discipline is hugely rewarding in the confidence that you develop during your studies. During your time on the course, you’ll develop a range of skills, solving deep, multidimensional problems that require imagination and sensitivity. 

If you choose to study with Oxford Summer Courses, we’ll also introduce you to coding techniques and languages, including Python SQL, giving you a great base from which to build your knowledge. Your tutor will also foster self-directed learning and critical thinking through interactive seminars in small groups (no bigger than 8). You will complete two pieces of independent work which your tutor will then evaluate in either a 1:1 or 2:1 tutorial and help you to develop a strong analytical mind.


Opportunity for Individual and Teamwork

Computer science is often about being part of a team that requires people with a whole range of skills to collaborate to solve problems and complete projects. However, if you prefer to work individually, there are plenty of opportunities to use your own individual flair and imagination during self-directed learning and independent project work.

Being able to manage both individual and group work will help shape you as an individual; as you move towards university you will thrive in different working environments and be readily adaptable to change.


Thinking of applying to a computer science summer school? Check out our courses and you could be studying in the historic city of Oxford or Cambridge this summer!

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