2 Weeks or 4 Weeks


Date of Publication: 30 July 2013

2 Weeks or 4 Weeks

Here at Oxford University, we don’t really do calendar dates like everyone else. Today isn’t the 26th of November to me, instead it is Tuesday of 7th Week. Most days I don’t know the date, but I always know what day of which week it is! The entire year is divided into terms, and the terms divided into weeks, ranging from -4th through to 12th or 13th week in some cases. Term itself runs from 1st week through to 8th week.

It is now, as I said above, 7th week, which means it is the penultimate week of full term, then the vacation begins in 9th week.

It is 7th Week, and I am tired… this always happens at Oxford, by 7th Week the last thing you want to do is another essay, and you’re barreling through, driven by caffeine and the promise of the finish line. This is not just because of the work, but because of all the other activities, I was at a Ball last weekend and am off to another one this weekend (this one coming is a ‘White Tie’ Ball, which should be superb fun!) But finishing an incredibly formal party at 6am does take it’s toll on one!.

Oxford Summer Courses is not quite like this! (phew…) We deliberately limit the courses to 2 weeks or 4 weeks (perhaps doing 2 different courses!) to allow you to get a great taste of Oxford (not only academically, but also culturally and socially) without it being too tiring. This may be a summer course, but it is also your summer holiday!

We will make sure those weeks are packed full of stuff, bursting at the seams with fabulous trips, restaurants, talks, visits, sports, debating, tutorials, seminars, reading, studying, sightseeing, punting, and more. But it doing more than four weeks would make it more about endurance than getting the wonderful taste of Oxford which we are passionate to offer!

Doing 2 weeks with us allows you to study one subject in one-on-one tutorials with an Oxford Tutor and to get a phenomenal depth of understanding of it. If you choose to do 4 weeks you might decide to do a different subject in your second course – perhaps combining two weeks of Business and Economics with two weeks of Philosophy or International Relations! By providing this limit we can really offer you the best of Oxford without you feeling as tired an Oxford student does after 7 weeks here!

I do have formal hall in 90mins though, which should make life easier!

Read more about our combined courses here: Combined Courses

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