12 Benefits of Online Learning


Date of Publication: 21 March 2020

With flexibility, inclusivity and improved class participation and concentration, an online education has become increasingly popular because of the benefits it holds for students. Take a look below at our guide to the top 12 benefits of participating in an online course or online tutoring.


1. Variety of courses

With online learning becoming more readily available, there are now a huge choice of online courses and subjects for students to choose from. From Business and Entrepreneurship to Law, Creative Writing and Economics, students can find the perfect course to suit their interests!


2. Safe and comfortable learning environment

Online courses allow students to work and study from the comfort of their own home. Through online webinars, lectures, tutoring, and other digital learning resources, students can gain access to all the information they need in similar formats to which they were studying in before, and even network with students from around the world without ever having to leave their home!


3. Access to the best educators

Where some elite educational institutions have a limited student capacity, online education opens up the doors for more students to join in and experience a quality education. The convenience of tutors being able to log in and teach for an hour each day/week or quickly hop on during intermissions of their other teaching demands to address questions and/or leave comments means that there’s never been a better time for students to access some of the finest tutors.

Many of Melio’s expert tutors have either studied or taught at the University of Oxford and/or Cambridge, as well as many other of the UK’s top universities. That means that when you study with us, you can rest assured that you’re receiving tuition from some of the finest and most respected tutors in the industry. 


4. Lower fees

Online courses are usually a more affordable option for students than more traditional courses as the associated expenses often cost a lot less than the physical necessities for classroom teaching. 


5. Convenient and flexible

If you have a busy schedule or are limited on flexibility, then an online course could be hugely beneficial for you. You can plan study time around your lifestyle, and arrange your personal tuition for a time that suits your schedule.


6. Inclusivity

A lot of online courses offer more 1:1 tuition and smaller class sizes. It gives all the students an opportunity to participate in class discussions and in asking and answering questions. For those who may find speaking in front of classmates in a physical setting intimidating, the virtual realm of webinars and small online class groups means students often feel more involved and comfortable to share their opinions during class discussions.


7. Better concentration 

When students study online, they are usually at home in a quiet room to cancel out any secondary noise which could interfere with being able to hear their tutor. This means that they are away from any physical distractions and are (most of the time) focused on their teaching and taking notes. This (in most cases) ultimately leads to better concentration and should lead to better performance and knowledge consumption.


8. Career advancement

Online courses can be taken by students at any time and at any stage of their life, and this can be particularly beneficial to those who may have a gap in their CV/resume. If a student is in-between jobs, or looking for some subject-specific training to help them succeed in their next job application, then an online course can be a great option. This academic work will explain any discontinuity or gaps, as well as show prospective employers and universities a desire to learn and take on new challenges. 


9. Global Network 

The beauty of an online education is that it can bring students from all over the world together who all share similar interests. It’s a chance for students to create a global network, making connections with pupils from all over the world who they may remain in contact, sharing opportunities and industry information with, and maybe even work with at some point of their lives. 


10. 24-hour access to course material

Any recorded and/or written material can be accessed 24 hours a day during every single day of your course. This means if students are stuck on a topic or want to read about it more to help it ‘stick,’ then they can access and read through the information and resources as and when they wish. 


11. Learning at your own pace

In an online class, you lose the pressure to keep up with other students’ levels of progression as you would in a physical learning environment. Some topics students may find easy and skip through, and others may take some time to understand fully. You are in control of your progress and can work at a speed that suits your academic needs.


12. Skill development

When you study remotely, you’re forcing self-discipline on yourself to manage your time and tasks. Learning how to time-manage and motivate yourself will provide you with a lifelong set of skills that will take you beyond your education and into your career.

If you’re looking for a great online learning experience that offers 1:1 tutoring and online courses that are delivered by Oxford and Cambridge tutors, then take a look at our new sister company Melio Education.

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