We could talk about the world-class teaching, the range of courses, and our full quality assurance by the British Accreditation Council. The diversity of our students, our commitment to the smallest class sizes, and the exceptional cultural and social experiences during your time with us.

All of which is important, of course. But here are the things that truly set us apart.

photo (c) John Cairns

We know our stuff, inside out

We come from the very places we run courses. Whether it’s our office staff or our helpers (not forgetting our tutors), we’ve got real experience of the experiences we’re sharing with you.


We honour our surroundings

We’re not here to feed off the prestige of the institutions we work with. We aim to give something back, finding mutually beneficial opportunities and opening the door to even more learners.


We love our tutors (and they love us back)

Our experts are the very best, and we give them the trust and space to design their own courses. Maybe that’s why so many of them tell us we’re the organisation they most enjoy working with.

photo (c) John Cairns

We look after you. And we look out for you.

Our support staff offer round-the-clock support and benefit from unrivalled mental health training.  Success means so much more than top marks, and we’ll make sure you thrive on all fronts.


We’ll help you make friends and connections

Some people think networking is a dirty word. Not us. We’ll make sure your experience is fun and sociable, and then we’ll help you maintain those connections for the years ahead.


We’ll prepare you for the future

It’s not just connections. Whatever you learn, we’ll make sure we’re equipping you for your future. Whether you want to be at the forefront of academic debate or a captain of industry (or both).

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