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On Friday, 19 January, Oxford Summer Courses will be hosting our first ever live webinar. Designed for those who have already applied, for those who are considering submitting an application, and parents, we will provide answers to your most important questions. Please submit all questions to before 19 January so that we can be sure to answer them during the webinar. The webinar will be hosted by Max Humpston from the Oxford Summer Courses admissions department. Oxford summer courses, summer course in england, summer course in UK, summer course in Oxford, summer course in Cambridge, summer abroad england, summer abroad UK, summer course UK We’re excited to answer your questions about our 2018 summer courses, such as:

1. Which subjects are available, and who are the tutors?

You will learn more about our professors and the subjects they will be teaching, including some of the new and exciting topics we will be running for the first time this summer. Plus, we’ll discuss how your day will be structured once you arrive, right through to your graduation party and formal dinner on the final day.

2. Where will I be living?

Learn more about the type of accommodation you will be staying in while at Oxford or Cambridge, and the awesome activities, cultural trips, social events and restaurants that we have planned for you to visit outside of your classes. These will include London, Windsor Castle, historic surrounding cities like Bath and so much more!

3. Where will summer courses take place?

We at Oxford Summer Courses have a number of other international programs that we would love to share with you. These programs include our London program, which gives students a real hands and interactive approach to learning, and our newly launched India course in Bengaluru.

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We’re excited to answer all of your questions, but space is limited for this webinar. Be sure to save your place by signing up for our live webinar today.

Posted: January 10, 2018

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