Testimonial Archive



Maria Koutelli

English Literature & Creative Writing student from Vietnam – Class of 2017

Oxford Summer Courses has been an unforgettable experience especially for me, having a Lebanese nationality and living in Vietnam. These past two weeks, I’ve enjoyed discovering Oxford’s culture, its history and savoring its food. Studying a topic I am passionate about in a breathtaking university atmosphere is an honour, and the course was very beneficial and educational thanks to the fully committed and dedicated teachers. The small classes with only a few students was also very helpful and enabled each of us to participate and all be on the same page. The very well trained staff were a pleasure to be around and were all very caring and made sure you felt comfortable. They did everything to ensure our happiness. Oxford Summer Courses has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life and created memories and friendships I will never forget. I cannot stress enough how beneficial these two weeks have been and strongly encourage every aspiring student to apply.


Stephen Mostek

International Relations student from USA – Class of 2016

I hadn’t expected how incredible my time at Oxford Summer Courses would be! My tutorials opened my eyes to a hugely complex subject matter that would merit centuries of research, and I now plan to continue the subject at university, and in my own time. I thought the teaching was brilliant, with a mix of a lecture style and more interactive discussion seminars. During my time here I met so many interesting people from all over the world!

Brenda Moita

Medicine student from Angola – Class of 2016

I have really grown over the past four weeks at Oxford Summer Courses; both academically and as a person. I have really enjoyed getting to know people from all over the world and from many different cultures. I especially enjoyed the trips to the museums and art galleries in Oxford and in London.

The best thing about the course is that it helped me realise what I want to study in the future thanks to the essays and tutorials. The teaching experience was really rich due to the small class sizes, and it allowed me to see what my university teaching experience would be like.

My favourite activity was definitely punting – it pushed me out of my comfort zone and was a lot of fun! The staff were really friendly and open and showed a real interest in what was going on in our lives. Oxford is a very pretty city with lots of history and lovely architecture. It is very multicultural and metropolitan and is an inspiring place to study.

Aditi Parashar

Psychology student from India – Class of 2016

The highlight of my time at Oxford Summer Courses has to be my time with my tutor. The curriculum of my course was so exciting and well thought out that after 2 weeks of multiple seminars, tutorials and essays, all I could think about was how it didn’t seem enough.

Bridget Cantrell

Politics student from USA – Class of 2016

My favourite thing about the course was not the activities or the tutorials – although they were all amazing and fun – but actually the people I met. To be in an amazing place with people who are so engaged in their subjects and intellectually rigorous, who want to debate and discuss, was a fantastic experience.

Jade Ferre

Medicine student from Switzerland – Class of 2016

I learned so much on the medicine course. Every morning we had three hours of lessons in which we discussed different subjects on different days and each one was even better than the last. Every afternoon we did different activities, went to museums and sometimes had free time.

The free time was great, it allowed me to meet so many amazing people that I will never forget. Moreover, Oxford Summer Courses is great because it welcomes people from all over the world. For example, I met a girl who has a different religion to me and it is astonishing to learn the difference between my religion and hers.

Overall, Oxford Summer Courses was a new big adventure for me and made me realise how much I liked studying medicine and socialising with people all over the world.

Loreto Simpson

Physics student from Chile – Class of 2016

I enjoyed my time at Oxford Summer Courses more than I even expected! The tutorials challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone, with a fast pace and a demand for my own motivation to study beyond the classes, which was exciting!

Kitty Golding

Classics student from UK – Class of 2016

The thing I have enjoyed most about Oxford Summer Courses is being able to experience an Oxford student’s lifestyle. Oxford is an absolutely stunning city and to be able to study here, along with specialists in our chose subject field, is an honour and has really inspired me to strive towards my potential.



Kate Wyly

Law student – Class of 2015

Studying Law at Oxford Summer Courses has given me great assurance about pursuing my future career goals. Each seminar was so interesting and provided such a stimulating environment. Studying law through Oxford Summer Courses allowed me to make mistakes and not be afraid to learn from them due to the guidance I received from my tutor during small group seminars and one-to-one tutorials I could see where I could improve!

Gaddiel Chinebuah

Economics & Business student from Ghana – Class of 2015

Studying economics and business at Oxford Summer Courses was so insightful. The best thing about it was how effectively the line was drawn between theory and practice. The chance to apply my understanding of economics like I did here is something I have never done before. From the preparatory work alone, I had already begun to view the world around me more insightfully and with a greater level of understanding.

Not only did the course help me to further develop my critical eye in the subject, but also think in new ways. The essay questions were just the right level for me. I almost always felt like I was doing something challenging but not too hard. It also helped that it always felt very relevant, using real world examples my tutor (who was great) taught me something new about concepts I thought I was familiar with.

Overall, I cannot commend the academic aspect of this course highly enough. Forcing me to make real-world connections under the guidance of an expert tutor has really improved my understanding of the subject.

Marcela Schoen

Medicine student – Class of 2015

Oxford Summer Courses was an amazing experience for me. The time I spent here was definitely life changing. I met people from all over the world, learned about so many cultures and made friends for a lifetime.

Living and taking classes in Oxford was extremely inspiring. The city is full of history and the frequent activities that we had here, like punting and walking tours, made me fall in love with it. The staff were always there to help us and to share their Oxford experience with us as well. My seminars and tutorials were so much more than I expected. My medicine tutor would always introduce me to new research, treatments and clinical trials related to what we were studying as an addition to the normal material. Learning about the subject in this setting was a life changing experience. I cannot recommend it highly enough!



Rishabh Malu

Economics and Business student from the UK – Class of 2013

If I had only two words to describe my time at Oxford with Oxford Summer Courses, they’d be “Life Changing” – honestly. Living and studying with students from around the world has given me an insight into various cultures and ultimately helped me to make great friends. Teaching and socialising were rightly balanced, allowing me to experience life at Oxford as if I were a student – a chance many would die for.

Tutorials and seminars have honed my knowledge about economics and philosophy, preparing me for life at university. I cannot emphasise how incredible my two weeks with Oxford Summer Courses were and I truly hope you take up this opportunity. I can guarantee that you won’t regret it.

Charly Swadling

History student from United Arab Emirates – Class of 2013

Studying history at Oxford Summer Courses was incredible – I learned so much from my amazing tutor, not just about historical facts but also about essay writing, persuasive skills, debating skills and how to effectively present an argument. Not only did I come away from my time at Oxford Summer Courses 2013 with a wider range of historical skills, but I also made so many good friends, with whom I’m still in touch will today and miss a great deal!

I was slightly worried at first – coming to a new place and staying with people you’ve never met before can be scary – but I was immediately relieved after I met everyone and they were so welcoming and kind. I would definitely recommend Oxford Summer Courses to anyone who is interested in going to Oxford and learning more about the tutorial system and to anyone who enjoys meeting new people and forming long lasting friendships!



Thassilo Weber

Economics & Business student from Brazil – Class of 2012

Oxford Summer Courses 2k12 has been one of the most enthralling experiences of my life. Being there for a fortnight seemed so brief that I didn’t want to go back home. The course was fabulous with the one-on-one tutorials. We had discussions about our views on the topic and our professor would guide us.

Moreover, there was plenty of time to get to know Oxford and the day trips we had were amazing. The time we spent with other course students allowed us to create friendships and have great chats. There is always something to do and you also in many occasions have the decision as to how you coordinate your day, it’s a step forwards into realizing what University will really be like!

Lastly, all I have to say is that you would be crazy not to go to the Oxford Summer Courses; I encourage all students to take part in it! It’s a once in a lifetime experience and you mustn’t miss out.

Maya Franson

Student from USA – Class of 2012

From nights out eating international and delicious cuisine, the theatre, ghost tours around Oxford, to day trips into London, there is plenty of time to bond and build lasting friendships with peers. Some of the people I met at this course have become my best friends.

Sophie Ijlstra

Medicine student from the Netherlands – Class of 2012

Oxford Summer Courses was everything I expected it to be and more. The course I was taking, medicine, was both engaging and inspiring. I always left class with a big smile on my face! The course inspired me to keep learning about all the subjects we covered in the tutorials. Aside from the academics, Oxford Summer Courses was a great experience because I got to meet new people from all over the world and make lasting friendships. The frequent trips and outings made me fall in love with Oxford, and I hope to come back soon!

Tayyab Shafiq

Physics student from Pakistan – Class of 2012

There are very few instances in your life when life brings about something so exciting yet meaningful. Connecting with people over six continents and brilliant minds is the experience of a lifetime. New friends, awesome cuisines, great architecture, interactive tutorials and the chance to live a day as a student enrolled in Oxford! The best part of Oxford Summer Courses was that it was excellently organised. Day trips to London, visits to Eton and a friendly atmosphere to top that. This multi-cultural diverse experience of this summer is and will always remain close to my heart.



Alexandra Tieghi

International Relations student from Italy – Class of 2011

The month I spent in Oxford was a terrific one in all respects. While the seminars led me to gain a broader knowledge on many issues, the tutorials challenged me to consider them from a different, deeper perspective.

However, the assets of Oxford Summer Courses do not only concern academic life. In fact, during my stay I had the chance to meet wonderful people coming from all countries and to get to know their cultures better. Together, we had the chance to take part to a wide range of activities, ranging from punting, to going on a ghost tour of Oxford, to attending a Shakespeare play in Globe Theatre in London – this one being my favourite. Last but not least, the whole staff was wonderful and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely give the whole experience a full ten. It proved a perfect way to enhance my academic knowledge and to have lots of fun at the same time.

Natalia Awasty

International Relations student – Class of 2011

The course, like the city of Oxford was magical – particularly for students like me, who aspire to broaden their academic horizons, equally for those who unfortunately haven’t been able to do so. It gives us the unique taste of life at Oxford. Academically challenging and socially exciting, the course is indeed an experience of a life-time!

Salahuddin Asim

Creative Writing student – Class of 2011

I would rate it 10/10. The course was very engaging and it provided a very good and realistic representation on what life in Oxford could be like. The staff were of the highest caliber and very approachable with all our issues. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the course was the diversity and number of all the students present. The low numbers of students worked in favour of the other students allowing us to befriend and properly understand people from around the world giving us a unique perspective into the ways of life all around the world.

I can honestly say it was a worthwhile experience that helped with my choice in applications in the future.



Sarah Craig

Psychology student from Italy – Class of 2010

It was a great two weeks, it was really interesting and it wasn’t just all work – we had lots of fun times. We did karaoke, we went to London, we did loads of different activities which I thought were really nice.

My number one highlight was definitely the karaoke, we all had a laugh and I enjoy singing. I’m coming back next year and I hope to bring a couple of friends with me.

It’s definitely the kind of thing I’d recommend to a friend and I hope to come back next year.

Kartik Upadhyaya

Economics student from England – Class of 2010

I found it a really good balance between academically stretching myself but also having a really good time as well, and also I liked the people very much. It was one of the main positives, on one level I really enjoyed the academic side and on another level I’ve enjoyed the people and activities too.

I was a bit worried about what sorts of people would be here and I’ve had no complaints with anyone and I’ve built quite a few friendships. I’ve been able to discuss anything and everything in a really diverse environment with people from all around the world.

On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a ten because it was my first course and it far exceeded my expectations. I’ve got no complaints about it, I’ve had a really good time.