Airport transfer service: Key information

We offer two airport transfer services from Heathrow airport only.
  1. Included in our Arrival service (£100):
    • Staff will meet you at the terminal when your flight lands and you will be able to relax in our nearby Oxford Summer Courses reception room, where refreshments will be provided.
    • We have frequent departures to where you will be studying at Oxford Summer Courses (Oxford, Cambridge, London or Wycombe).
    • Where possible please arrive at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport, which is closest to our reception room.
  2. Included in our Drop-off service (£100):
    • Staff will arrange your transport to the airport for your return flight home.
  3. Arrival and Drop-off service combined price is £200.
Oxford Summer Courses provides the easiest and most comfortable service possible. You can book our Airport transfer service when you complete the arrivals form, which will be sent out to you at least 4 weeks before your course starts. For students seeking a lower cost alternative, we recommend emailing Go Green taxis. There are also frequent bus services to Oxford from Heathrow and Gatwick airports. There is also a frequent bus service to Cambridge from Gatwick airport.